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Free Sample Packs

People ask, a lot, about where to find good quality, and free (as in beer), sample packs. So, instead of writing it out all the time I've decided to document it here. This is, of course, not a exhaustive list of all the free sample packs available online, and there are bound to be others not included here, but they are some of the better offerings that I've found. These are subject to change, and are in no particular order.

Cymatics Originally the Cymatics team was doing EDM/House sample packs but lately they've moved more towards Trap/Hip-Hop. Nothing wrong with that at all, and it gives them a very broad range. They're well known for quality work and there's a little something for everyone. Black Octopus A big name in the EDM/House scene, but with a broad range on offer, they're well known for producing amazing quality packs. They offer a free 1.5GB sample pack, which is pretty amazing.

Slate Digital Slate is very well respected provider of sample packs, plugins and actual physical equipment. They have a small set of very high quality free samples available at


Big sounds are Ghosthack's stock in trade and their free offerings do not disappoint. They offer a lot of smaller packs for free, but they have over 3000 very high quality samples spread over these packs. FreeToUseSounds If it's ambience, of any kind, that you're looking for, FreeToUseSounds has it. Seriously.


If you're looking for Techno or Tech House orientated samples you can't really go past UNDRGRND Sounds. Definitely with a darker underground feel to them.

W.A. Productions W.A has a huge library of samples and offer up a pretty spectacular selection of free packs. They will occasionally offer free packs that aren't always available so might not be a bad idea to check in occasionally.

You should also head over to Loopcloud and Splice. They will occasionally offer special sign up deals that could include free packs, or even free, or very low cost, months of service.

Finally, if this hasn't satisfied you head over to for a completely exhaustive list.

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